Case Studies

At Schiesser IT, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch data apps that transform how businesses use data. Below, you'll find case studies that demonstrate our capabilities and commitment to delivering excellent results.

Case Study: An IoT Application for the Condition Monitoring of Construction Machines

A global leader in selling and renting construction machines wanted to leverage the vast amount of data generated by their IoT-enabled construction machines to deliver an enhanced customer service. Their customers wanted to know the status of their machines, when they needed maintenance, and how they generally could improve their efficiency.


We created a custom data app that allowed our customers' customers to make sense of the vast amounts of IoT data generated by their construction machines. The app was designed to be:

  • Secure and authenticated, leveraging OAuth protocols to ensure secure data processing.
  • Scalable, to comfortably handle the data generated by ten-thousands of IoT-enabled construction machines.
  • Branded to reflect our customers' brand identity.
  • Mobile-optimized, allowing on-the-go access for field technicians and engineers.


The data app allowed our customer to deliver to their customers real-time insights into their machines' status and improve customer service by minimizing machine downtime and maximizing its usage.